C25K Week 6

Week Six is in the books!  Woohoo!  This week started with 2 eight minute runs and ended with a 20 minute run with no walking breaks!  Surpringsly (like really surprisingly) I wasn’t afraid.  I didn’t doubt myself or question my ability, I somehow have embraced this whole “I can” attitude 100% and I’m totally not complaining about it, but it just happened and I wasn’t expecting it to be this easy.

The biggest point though is that I ran for 20 minutes straight today!!! That is so cool.  I was slow… My average running pace was 15:11/mile.  I’m ok with that because I intentionally went a little slow because I wanted to ensure that I could run the entire 20 minutes.  I needed to reach that goal more than I needed to be fast.

Also, there seemed to be so many people walking dogs at the same time as Ludo (my cute doggo) and I were jogging.  It transforms my perfect companion who runs at my side into a pulling 50-pound mess.  He was either pulling to get to them faster, speeding me up to faster than I wanted to go or he was turning around to try and see what they were doing and forcing me to effectively drag him until we could no longer see him.  Talk about resistance training!!  But we made it and that’s what matters!! I think I actually could have gone farther/longer. I’ll have my chance at that and I’m just trusting the program and not pushing ahead.

It was a perfect way to start the weekend!

C25K Week 6

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